Semester bike

We offer inexpensive quality bikes for international students and expats in Copenhagen.


FROM DKK 799,-
Up to 3 weeks


FROM DKK 1299,-
Up to 3 months



FROM DKK 1499,-
Up to 6 month

RememberThe bike comes with free mechanical service throughout the rental period. So no need to despair if your chain falls off, or you need new cables etc. – we will fix it!
Flat tyres or damage caused by misuse is not covered in this service

Free Mechanical Service

If you encounter any mechanical issues with your bike rental, then we will fix the bike for you free of charge under the rental period or replace the Bike.

Great Customer Experiences

You can leave your luggage with us during the tour for 30 DKK Great Customer Experiences We are a small cozy bike shop that provides a friendly atmosphere, where we help our customers on their biking adventures. Check out our great reviews on

Best Priced Student Bikes

Our Student bikes are great quality and well maintained.  We offer Student bikes for all sizes and there is no deposit to pay.

Student Semester Bike Rental Copenhagen

Coming to Copenhagen for a longer period? Then Rosenborg Cykler is your central Copenhagen shop for student bike rentals and semester Bike rentals. Rent a student Bike for as little as DKK 500,- with no deposit to pay. Enjoy your semester in Copenhagen the best way, by Bike.

We offer long term student bike rental for students coming to study in Copenhagen for a semester, which is also open to anyone wanting a long term bike rental service. Rent a student Bike in Copenhagen that includes free mechanical service if you encounter any problems with your student Bike.

Copenhagen is the worlds most bicycle friendly city, where Bikes get priorty of way at traffic lights and the majority of the city is covered in cycle lanes. You will find all types of cyclists in the bike lanes of Copenhagen from children cycling to school, to workers hurrying to the office. Young and old alike shared the Bike lanes, at varying speeds through smooth ,wide cycle lanes.

Rosenborg Cykler also offers quality short term rental bikes at budget friendly prices from central Copenhagen. city bikesstudent semester bikes and guided bike tours are all available to book. Rent a bike today and really get the real Copenhagen experience.

Student Bike useful information

When renting a semester bike in Copenhagen, it is important to get to know the rules and about Copenhagen bike culture in general. 

Get this great free International student survival guide from the Danish student association, which has some really useful information about biking in Copenhagen, as well as lots of other information for students coming to Copenhagen.

The municipality of Copenhagen also has some great information in English regarding cycling in Copenhagen, which can be found here.

Need anything else for your student bike?

You may add these extras to your bike at little extra cost:


You may add these extras to your bike at little extra cost:

  • Basket, if you want to go shopping!
  • Helmet, so you keep your head safe!
  • Quality chain lock or mounted lock, so your bike stays where you parked it!
  • Attachable lights or mounted lights, if you are out late at night!