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Do you consider the bicycle as an essential tool to expand your business? Are you looking for affordable, accessible, sustainable, and alternative forms of transportation for your employees/students/guests/customers? Are you trying to find a way to enhance mobility and saving time? If any of the answers are YES, come and join us! 

Rosenborg Cykler is looking for Business Partners to team up and promote green cycling in Copenhagen. We can always offer options that will fit your need and enhance your business.

Why join us?

Win-win situation
Depending on your business model, we will make sure tailor-made values are added to your value chain when you recommend new customers to our business.

Help to promote your business
Your company/organization will be featured and advertised on our website and social media, which directly increase the awareness of your business.

Cost savings
We provide a competitive rental price for a various period, for example from 3 hours up to 6 months.

You will get the most reliable and responsible partner
We have all kinds of high-quality bikes, and reparations are always included during the rental period.

We take our business seriously
We always provide a first-class service and do our best to ensure a satisfying result to meet all customers’ expectations.

Want to save money on quality products?
Go to our partship deals and find the current offers.

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Our current partners

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