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Is the bicycle ensured?
  • You need to ensure that the bicycle is covered by your own insurance policy 
  • BUT Students at DIS are covered through the DIS insurance arrangements 
What should I do in the event that the bicycle gets stolen?

In the event that the bicycle gets stolen, you need to contact the store immediately, and subsequently you need to report the incident to your insurance company and advise them of the frame number. 

How many gears do the bicycles have?

The bicycles primarily have three gear settings, but as Denmark is a flat country, having three gear settings is sufficient. 

Do you sell used or new biccyles?

The bikes that we sell are both new and used. We regularly replace our hire bicycles, and we offer the used ones up for sale at fair and competitive prices. 


Please consult our email if you have any questions regarding repairs, otherwise you can contact our in-store mechanic. 

Is it possible to purchase new bicycles?

Yes, we offer up for sale brand new bicycles from the German label ‘Hartje’ and the Danish label ‘Ebsen’.

Do you offer a courtesy bicycle while a faulty bike is being fixed?

YES, you will always be offered a courtesy bicycle if your hire bicycle is being repaired. 

Upkeep of Semester bicycles.

As we regularly purchase replace our hire bikes, it is important that you honor the compulsory service check of the bicycle. The check ensures that the bicycle is safe to use and that it is kept in a good condition. 

We offer free service checks on our Semester bicycles/hire bicycles – it is always better to have your bicycle checked one time too many than not at all. 

Which types of bicycles do your offer up for hire?

If you opt for a short-time hire, you will generally be given one of our ‘Bornholm bicycles’. This type of bicycle is easy to adjust and confortable to use. If you opt for a long-term hire, e.g. a semester bicycle, we offer different sizes to ensure that we have a bicycle that fits your needs. 

When booking one of your guided tours, is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?

There is no minimum or maximum numbers, we can cater for anything from small family outings to company events.