Rent a bike

Rent a bike today and explore beautiful Copenhagen like a local.


6 HOURS / DKK 150,- (EUR 20,-)
24 HOURS / DKK 200,- (EUR 27,-)
ADD DAY / DKK 150,-(EUR 20,-)
1 WEEK / DKK 700,- (EUR 94,-)


6 HOURS / DKK 450,- (EUR 64,-)
24 HOURS / DKK 550,- (EUR 75,-)
ADD DAY / DKK 450,- (EUR 60,-)
1 WEEK / DKK 2500,- (EUR 360,-)



6 HOURS / DKK 30,- (EUR 4,-)
24 HOURS / DKK 50,-  (EUR 7,-)
ADD DAY / DKK 30,-(EUR 4,-)
1 WEEK / DKK 150,-(EUR 21,-)

Note: Applied EUR exchange rate is 7 DKK/EUR

Note: DIS students and  Amitylux customers get extra discounts

Rent a Bike In Copenhagen – Rosenborg Cykler

If you are Looking to rent a Bike in Copenhagen with a great pickup location then look no further than Rosenborg Cykler. Located on Rosenborggade, close to Nørreport St, Rosenborg Cykler offers bike rentals, guided bike tours and long term semester bike rentals.

To rent a Bike in Copenhagen is one of the most popular and rewarding experiences the city has to offer, where you can easily travel around the city at your leisure. Rent a bike in Copenhagen and experiencve Copenhagen by Bike.

We have a large range of bicycles to rent for both daily and long term rentals, including City bike and Christiania (cargo) bikes. You can ensure a safe ride with us as all safety instructions are given and we are always happy to suggest places to see.

We are one of the fastest growing bicycle rental shops in Copenhagen, where customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Bicycle rental types

If you op for a short-time hire, you will generally be given one of our ‘Bornholm bicycles’. The Bornholm bicycle from Ebsen is a smaller size comfortable bike with thick tyres and a front and back rack. This bike is ideal for a single day rental for comfort and ease of use and adjust quickly. The Bornholm model comes with 3 gears, which is ideal for a flat city like Copenhagen.

If you are tall, or wish to rent the bike for a longer period or for bigger distances, then we have a large style city bike available as well. Both bike rentals have the same rental price.

At Rosenborg cykler we only have new bicycles from 2019, so you can be sure you are renting a quality new bicycle that is well maintained.

If you are new in Copenhagen you can get a free International Student Survival Guide, which has useful information about bike culture in Copenhagen.